Consultants in Architecture & the Sustainable Environment


Sustainable architecture: Wistom provide innovative sustainable strategies from concept design collaborating with architects, engineers, and self-builders, as well as homeowners who want to retrofit adaptions to prepare for climate change.

Interior Design is another feature of our service which shows off our specialty in sustainable furnishings and finishes to provide a beautiful and elegant aesthetic both visually and ethically.

Landscape Design: Our designs include sustainable drainage, permeable paving, and native planting schemes with ecological species preservation.

Retrofit adaptions for climate change resilience

Wistom Eco House: With a passion for sustainability, low energy, and environmental design we offer outstanding passive house designs of exceptional quality to comply with the high standards of the National Planning Policy Framework, Paragraph 80 which permits Greenbelt development for truly exceptional sustainable projects.  

Diagnostic Reports: We provide services for occupants whose buildings are not thermally performing and through data logging and state-of-the-art dynamic thermal simulation modeling, we can diagnose the issues and prescribe the appropriate mitigations.

Property Condition Reports: For buyers who want reassurance about what condition the building is in and what if anything can be done to bring it up to the buyer's chosen requirement: latest building regulations / PassiveHaus etc.

Energy: Wistom provides advanced energy assessments and retrofit assessments with the option of SBEM (Simplified Building Energy Model) to assess energy projections in the face of climate change. DEA, NDEA, PAS35 Retrofit, Old & Traditional.