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Adapting To Climate Change

A Resident's Guide


Wistom provided Swale Borough Council with a user-friendly but comprehensive technical guide to distribute to all Swale residents to help them adapt their homes to climate change. The guide offers a punchy run down on both DIY and professional installments covering Flood Defense, Water Stress, and Overheating Solutions with information on Grants.


The revised book will be available for the general public on Amazon, summer 2022.






This research presents the forgotten architectural feature of awnings used for environmental control. Looking at the period before air-conditioning became established in the American cities of Chicago and New York around the turn of the 20th century.
With analysis of architecture’s historical urban images, a climate study, and tracing of the historical discourse 
surrounding the rise and fall of the awnings we discover that awnings as solar shades are much more than a temporal architecture of climatic adaptation.
Subject to seasonal changes, awnings also address the present functional needs of climate change as we search for low-cost, passive cooling strategies for our present 
buildings that are ill-equipped to cope with climate change and the projected increase of heat waves and their 
increasingly dangerous intensity. 
This research certainly shows that awnings are an important part of our cultural heritage because of their distinctive aesthetic features and their significant influence on the historical discourse in that period. 


Available on Amazon ISBN: 9798843072322


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