Consultants in Architecture & the Sustainable Environment


Anne Ainley

Founder / Architectural Consultant (MSc)

With 10+ years of experience working in architecture for big guns Broadway Malyan and Scott BrownRigg, from Asset design, and planning permission to the construction of commercial offices, hospitals, schools, and nurseries. Anne was the lead consultant on a £15m Crest Nicholson Housing development in Haywards Heath and spent a number of years on the MOD's £7bn reprovision Allenby Connaught project.

After a few years of raising a special needs family, Anne returned to the University of Kent for her Master of Science in Architecture and the Sustainable Environment, where she simultaneously completed the 1-year Entrepreneurs Course with Kent Business School and the Global Skills Leadership Course (Level Gold). Anne was also awarded L1 & 2 Business Skills Development with the Global Growth Institute.

Anne is now on a mission to ensure that future development and design beautifully meet all sustainability goals for health, comfort, and wellbeing in the face of climate change.

Anne has some quirky interests as she loves to track temperature and humidity wherever she goes, and she is a little bit obsessed with research/writing about sustainability in architecture, she is also secretly a 'wannabe' Youtube provider of quality educational resources on sustainable architecture.