Consultants in Architecture & the Sustainable Environment

ECO House Design

  • Wistom ECO House design & planning permission: With a passion for sustainability, energy, and environmental design we offer outstanding passive house designs of exceptional quality to comply with the high standards of the National Planning Policy Framework, Paragraph 80 which permits Greenbelt development for truly exceptional sustainable projects.


  • Diagnostic Reports for buildings that are not thermally performing, using data logging and state-of-the-art dynamic thermal simulation modeling.

  • Property Condition Reports for buyers peace of mind

  • Advanced Energy Assessments DEA, NDEA including Retro-fit, Old & Traditional and SBEM

Strategic Design

  • Sustainable architecture innovative sustainable strategies collaborating with architects, engineers, and self-builders.

  • Landscape design includes sustainable drainage, permeable paving, and native planting schemes with ecological species preservation.

  • Interior Design uses sustainable furnishings and finishes to provide a beautiful and ethical aesthetic.
  • Retrofit adaptions for climate change


About us

We think of architecture not as a single practice, but as several interlocking ones. Landscapes are inseparable from structures, ecology is inseparable from building requirements, and improving human connections, mental well-being, Covid safety, and thermal comfort are increasingly reliant on sustainable strategy.


We strive for honesty and clarity. Our first task is to understand the client’s vision and needs, not to present our own. We value timeliness, direct communication, presentations as well as the occasional face-to-face meeting over coffee.


Over the years, we have been fortunate to collaborate with some excellent clients on some wonderful projects. A building exists in time and its usefulness and longevity are directly related to how well it continues to perform in the face of climate change.


Our gratitude and acknowledgments go to Santander for their very generous Start-up Enterprise Grant which has helped Wistom enormously to get established!

Thanks also to the University of Kent’s Business School - Aspire team for their invaluable support and guidance.